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Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe is going National!

Grant's story took ten years to develop, a lot of hard work, and persistence overcoming barriers due to his own disability.  We launched his storybook in 2017 and in a  few short months the book has reached all over the USA with great reviews.  Grant's artwork and  personal story has received recognition, love, and enthusiasm from all across the nation.    As we move into the future our mission is to spread the awareness of how special needs individuals can rise above adversities, be productive, and also "give-back" to society.  

Our new series: GRANT THE JIGSAW GIRAFFE AND FRIENDS....coming this Fall, showcasing Grant's true-life friends and family. Turning our story and theirs into a world of animation that tells about struggles, challenges and overcoming obstacles because of their own disabilities.   They come from all walks of life and each with their own unique abilities.  Look for these new creative individuals, mentors, parents, professionals and educators as part of this amazing series.

We are working with LongTale Publishing (a hybrid-publisher) to help us create and distribute our storybooks; meaning this is a self-funded book with a publishers expertise.   Using Longtale Publishing allows us  to retain all Grant's Art and personal story copyrights.     Having ownership of our stories and collaborating with other individuals telling their remarkable story overcoming their own challenges, gives us the opportunity to     "GIVE-BACK" in proceeds to them.  Truly a blessing to serve others.


                                          We continue to search for other amazing you know someone?

Contact for information. Email us at: [email protected]

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